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Who are the most endanged House members? NJ says Illinois has four of the top ten

April 25, 2011

National Journal considers IL-8's Joe Walsh to be the third most vulnerable U.S. House Republican in the upcoming redistricting.

Practically the day after the 2010 election, Rep-elects Bobby Schilling and Bob Dold were considered two of the House’s most vulnerable Republicans.

Now it appears National Journal’s redistricting prognosticators say no fewer than four Illinois Republican U.S. Representatives are in danger of being drawn out in the upcoming remap. 

Illinois is one of a few states where Democrats hold all of the redistricting cards.   And with five of the 87 Republican House pickups, another creatively drawn Illinois map might provide a way for Dems to claw back without being forced to spend a lot of campaign cash. 

If nothing else, they can create potentially expensive primary batttles and force Republicans to spend precious campaign resources.

8th District Rep. Joe Walsh is the third most endangered R, according to National Journal’s David Wasserman.   Walsh is followed closely by neighboring Bob Dold, who has the distinction of being the House Republican with the most Democratic leaning congressional district.  

The others who could be forced into primaries are 13th District Rep. Judy Biggert and Schilling, who fully expects to be drawn into a district with neighboring Rep. Aaron Schock of Peoria.

National Journal also speculates Schilling could also be thrown into a primary race with Rep. Don Manzullo.

As a result of reapportionment, Illinois will lose one of its 19 U.S. House seats in 2012.

Walsh, however, was the most active fundraiser in the first quarter of the five Illinois Republicans, collecting $371,000.   Democrat Debbie Halvorson, defeated last year by ACTIVATOR-endorsed Adam Kinzinger, told the Chicago Tribune she is waiting until the map is drawn before deciding whether to run again. 

Halvorson of Crete has $232,000 remaining from her last race.

To say they’ve been all over the map would be an understatement.

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