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Ag programs on chopping block in FY 2011 budget deal

April 12, 2011

Congress will vote this week on the nearly $40 billion in non-defense discretionary spending cuts agreed to last Friday night as part of a deal to avert the first federal government shutdown since 1995.

$12 billion in cuts were made as a result of the three previous continuing resolutions.   The proposed CR adds an additional $28 billion in cuts.   

A summary document put out by the House Appropriations Committee says all non-defense government agencies will experience an across-the-board cut of .02 percent.   USDA’s share of the discretionary cuts total $3 billion compared to 2010 funding levels, or about 15 percent. 

Here is a program-by-program list of USDA cuts.  Remember, farm programs like DCP, crop insurance, and conservation programs represent mandatory spending and are NOT subject to cuts.

USDA (cuts expressed in millions of dollars)

Agriculture Dept. – Office of the CIO -$22  
Agriculture Dept. – Building Operations and Maintenance -$40  
Agriculture Department Administration -$12  
National Agriculture Statistics Service -$5  
Agricultural Research Service – Salaries and Expenses -$44  
National Institute of Food and Agriculture -$126  
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service -$41  
Agricultural Marketing Service -$4  
Farm Service Agency – Farm Assistance -$44  
Farm Service Agency – Agriculture Credit Insurance Fund -$433  
Natural Resources Conservation Service -$118  
Rural Development – Salaries and Expenses -$10  
Rural Housing Insurance Fund Program – loan subsidies -$151  
Rental Assistance Program -$24  
Renewable Energy Program -$34  
Rural Water Loan Subsidies and Grants -$40  
Distance Learning, Telemedicine, and Broadband Program Loans and Grants -$16  
WIC -$504  
Foreign Food Assistance and Related Programs -$194  
Wetlands Reserve -$119  
Conservation Stewardship -$39  
Environmental Quality Incentives -$80  
Fruit and Vegetable Program -$41  
Biomass Crop Assistance -$134  
Dairy Subsidy -$350    (Note: This reduction is the result of the one-time emergency assistance payment during the last fiscal year.)  
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