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Chairman Lucas, Illinois ag committee members take to the House floor in support of H.R. 72

February 20, 2011

House agriculture committee members recently took to the floor of the House to discuss the increasing regulatory burden on U.S. agriculture. 

It was part of the debate on H.R. 72 which passed the House that day 391-28.

The resolution actually goes well beyond agriculture and calls on each standing committee of House to “inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed resolutions” that hurt job creation, discourage innovation, harm international competitiveness, and fail to use cost-benefit analysis, among other things.

Along those lines, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could soon make dairy farmers do more than cry over spilled milk.

A couple of Illinois members also weighed in on overly zealous regulations.

“None of these usurpations of authority are authorized by the Congress, and all these serve to add dramatically to the cost of doing business and reduce America’s ability to feed our nation and help feed the world. This bill starts the process of restoration of legislative powers and upholding our fundamental constitutional values and obligations to represent people rather than allowing people who are never elected to run our public policy.” – Rep. Timothy V. Johnson

“The USDA has departed from the long-standing science based coordinated framework between the USDA, EPA, and FDA that has been accepted throughout the world. By altering the process through using a rules approach, rather than science, this could have a significant negative impact on trade.” – Rep. Randy Hultgren

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