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Egypt: One of the biggest international markets for U.S. agriculture

January 30, 2011

Egypt may be an example of political instability now, but it has been a model of stability as a major market for U.S. agricultural exports.

Every year, USDA export figures rank Egypt as the biggest African market for U.S. ag exports.   The country has ranked in the top 15 customers in each of the last 20 fiscal years.

Top 15 U.S. agricultural export destinations, by fiscal year, $U.S. value: 

Country FY 2010
World Total $108,663,682,399
Canada $16,565,793,143
China $15,070,151,017
Mexico $13,931,516,744
Japan $11,227,957,215
European Union-27 $8,511,004,590
South Korea $4,982,388,333
Taiwan $3,174,353,937
Hong Kong $2,460,285,385
Indonesia $2,129,504,016
Turkey $2,011,927,342
Philippines $1,606,230,248
Egypt $1,582,859,424
Vietnam $1,229,962,092
Thailand $1,082,396,966
Venezuela $1,072,059,910

Through the first 11 months of 2010 Egypt purchased more than 1.1 million metric tons of wheat, ranking sixth.   It was the fourth biggest buyer of corn with more than 3.3 million metric tons and the sixth biggest buyer of U.S. soybeans, purchasing more than 900,000 metric tons between Jan-Nov 2010.

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