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AFBF delegates applaud Illinois Farm Bureau’s call for stepped up EPA oversight in the 112th Congress

January 17, 2011

Illinois Farm Bureau president Philip Nelson was roundly applauded when he finished reading the a sense of the delegate body resolution at last week’s American Farm Bureau meeting in Atlanta urging “Congress pursue a vigorous program of oversight of the regulatory agenda of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

This oversight should: focus on the impact EPA’s regulations  have had, and are continuing to have, on American agriculture; examine the use by EPA of guidance and settlement agreements; include a critical examination of how the agency uses science; consider the need for legislation to halt EPA’s burdensome regulation of greenhouse gases; and determine an adequate budget for necessary agency activities.  Congressional action is necessary to restore common sense to environmental regulation on our farms and improve economic conditions across this great nation.

Politico recently took the temperature of the Senate and determined that there could be 56 votes in favor of overturning EPA’s new greenhouse gas regulations.  

IFB looks forward to a robust debate in this Congress on EPA’s regulatory authority and the agency’s impact on farm families.

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