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Illinois congressman cracks The Hill’s Top 25 list of hardest working members

June 12, 2010

15th District Congressman Tim Johnson of Urbana has been recognized by his peers as one of the 25 hardest working members of Congress.

25. Rep. Timothy Johnson (R-Ill.). Johnson, who is constantly on his cell phone, is usually trying to reach one of his constituents. The centrist Republican said he spends “a minimum of three and a maximum of 12 hours a day” trying to connect to his more than 650,000 constituents. He added, “We generate a huge amount of constituent service doing this — maybe 10 times the average.” That also means the ring tone on his cell phone — which is “The Final Countdown” by the group Europe — is heard a lot in the hallways of the House.

The survey of Senators, Representatives, staff, and other officials was conducted by The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper and website.

Congressman Tim Johnson poses with a group of constituents on the March 2007 Illinois Farm Bureau Leaders to Washington trip.

Of the 535 Senators and Representatives who are not in leadership, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley topped the hardest working list, followed by Senate Finance Committee chair Max Baucas of Montana, and Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank.

Rep. Johnson was the only Illinois member who made the list.

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