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U.S. House Agriculture Committee wants to hear from you about Farm Bill

April 30, 2010

The first of eight U.S. House Committee on Agriculture field hearings on future U.S. farm policy was held Friday afternoon  in Des Moines, Iowa.

Can’t get to Boise, Fresno, or Cheyenne to testify at upcoming hearings?   Not a problem.

The ag committee has set up a page on its website and is inviting  farmers and others to write and submit comments for the official hearing record.    Comments will be shared with members of the Agriculture Committee who include Illinois Representatives Tim Johnson and Debbie Halvorson.

As the House Agriculture Committee prepares to consider the next Farm Bill, we want to hear from you. We appreciate you for taking the time to visit the Committee’s website and share your thoughts about the future of farm policy. In order for your comments to be considered part of the Committee’s Farm Bill field hearing record, please submit your comments in the form below by June 14, 2010. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Look for on-line testimony from those not traditionally involved in the farm bill debate, but who would like to see revolutionary change in farm policy and U.S. production agriculture.    The San Francisco Chronicle’s Politics Blog took note of the upcoming field hearing in Fresno, California and put out the call for “foodies and locavores” to weigh in.

Learn more about Illinois Farm Bureau’s newly appointed Farm Policy Task Force and check out farm bill resources on the IFB website.

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