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President Obama visits Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri

April 29, 2010

President Obama visited with a Missouri farm family Wednesday as part of his two-day swing through Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

PALMYRA, Mo. — Lowell Schachtsiek gave President Barack Obama a short tour of the family farm Wednesday, pointing out his livestock, some locally produced feed and some of his crop acres.

Inside the house, the farm issues that are less visible took center stage.

“I’ve said one of the big problems in agriculture is the cost of health insurance,” Schachtsiek.

That gave Obama just the encouragement he needed to tout the health reforms that became law earlier this year.

“Sometimes I know the wife is working so the family has got some health care,” Obama said.

In addition to health care, the farm family told Obama how difficult it is for young people to get into farming due to the high costs of land and equipment.

Later, the President held court for 2,400 people at Quincy’s Oakley Lindsay Center.    He defended his administration’s economic record and called for Congress to pass financial reform.


The Quincy Herald Whig reported that the president was scolded by the sister of State Sen. John Sullivan for failing to recognize his former Springfield colleague on stage.   Obama went back up on stage and made a proper introduction.

On Tuesday, President Obama visited a Poet biorefinery (ethanol plant)  in Macon, Missouri which has been in operation for ten years and talked about the need to become less dependent on foreign oil. 

Obama touted his energy security plan and the country’s largest ever investment last year in clean energy, an investment he says “will save or create up to 700,000 jobs across America by the end of 2012.”

“And that investment was part of the Recovery Act.  It included $800 million in funding for ethanol fueling infrastructure, biorefinery construction, advanced biofuels research to help us reach the goal that I’ve set, which is to more than triple America’s biofuels production in the next 12 years.  That is a goal that we can achieve, and it’s being worked on right here at POET.  And we’re very proud of that. “

The President also stated that he is personally not new to the renewable fuels issue.

“I may be the President these days, but I want to remind everybody I was the senator from Illinois.  I didn’t just discover the merits of biofuels like ethanol when I first hopped on the campaign bus.  . And I believe in the potential of what you’re doing right here to contribute to our clean energy future, but also to our rural economies.”

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