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2010 Election: President Obama says “We’re in for a tough fight this fall”

April 27, 2010

President Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe sent an email this week that left no doubt that the 2010 midterm election campaign is underway and that he’s concerned the voters who elected Obama won’t be there for Democrats in November.

“Historical trends aren’t in our favor — the president’s party generally loses seats in the first midterm election. And even though President Obama has taken bold steps like the Recovery Act to put us back on the path to prosperity, escaping from a financial crisis like this one takes time.

The prognosticators and pundits are predicting steep losses for the Democrats. The Republicans are already measuring the drapes for their new offices, saying that anything short of an electoral landslide that gives them back control of Congress won’t be a victory.

But these are the same folks who said Barack Obama could never become president, the same ones who said we were trying to do too much, too fast — and that we’d never pass historic health reform. They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now.

I believe we can avoid the nightmare electoral scenario that Republicans in Washington have already convinced themselves will happen. But only if we work together.”

Announcing Monday that the November election is just 190 days away, the President’s campaign released a video to his supporters.

In his analysis of the Obama video, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza compares Obama’s 2008 electoral performance with young voters, African-Americans, and political independents with recent results in New Jersey and Virginia.

The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleney reports that it’s no coincidence President Obama is making campaign-style Main Street appearances Tuesday and Wednesday in Iowa and in Quincy.

It is not as though Mr. Obama is seen as a drag on the ticket — he stands taller in polls than Congress as a whole — but since Democrats control the levers of power in Washington, the electorate’s bleak opinion of government is a problem for the party. Mr. Obama is trying to recapture his brand as he seeks to define himself again as a reformer, hoping to counter the anti-government, anti-incumbent sentiment that has poisoned the atmosphere for Democrats.

FOX News led its coverage of the President’s YouTube appearance noting who Mr. Obama was not attempting to woo.

President Obama left white, middle-aged male voters in his rear-view mirror Monday in launching his first midterm election pitch, calling on “young people, African Americans, Latinos and women” to deliver for Democrats in November.

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