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New TV ad campaign highlights ethanol’s many positive qualities

April 13, 2010

Growth Energy has launched a $2.5 million television advertising campaign to talk up the many positive qualities of ethanol.

The timing couldn’t be better with the EPA deciding soon on whether to permit higher blend levels and with Congress considering climate change legislation and an extension of the ethanol tax credit and tariff.

Over the next six months, brief “America’s Fuel” commercials will run nationally on FOX, CNN, MSNBC and CNN Headline News.  

Other messages of the commercials highlight ethanol’s energy independence and environmental record compared to oil.

In response, the Brazilian sugar cane association developed its own media campaign in Washington D.C.  to try to influence policymakers.   Brazil recently lifted its 20 percent ethanol tariff.

Meanwhile,  the St. Louis Post Dispatch laid out the challenge we will face in extending the ethanol tax credit and tariff.

The ethanol industry argues that without continuing the tax break for U.S.-made ethanol, the oil industry will look to Brazil and elsewhere to meet the requirement. As it is, oil companies are paying minimal prices for what they blend, contends Roger Hill, general manager of Golden Triangle Energy, an ethanol plant in northwest Missouri.

“If you pull that 45 cents out, it’s going to take out a lot of small producers,” Hill said. “Everybody is running on next to nothing now, and without that, we’re toast.”

Farm Bureau supports the tax credit and the tariff on ethanol imports which prevents the U.S. for subsidizing Brazilian ethanol and reduces our reliance on foreign energy. 

 A Renewable Fuels Association study shows that the tax credit supports more than 100,000 jobs in the ethanol industry and returns more than $3 billion annually to the federal treasury.

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