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Where are Americans on the environment, climate change?

April 8, 2010

Nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t believe their fellow citizens are willing to make major lifestyle sacrifices that the majority believes are necessary to “save the environment.”

According to a recent poll by Rasmussen, women strongly believe the public needs to make major cutbacks in their lifestyles to make environmental progress, while men are evenly split on the issues.

Rasmussen also asked Americans recently about their views on energy.  

  • Only one in six Americans believes their next car will run on battery power;
  • By a 55 to 32 percent margin, most voters “continue to believe finding new sources of energy is more important than reducing the amount of energy Americans now consume.”
  • 49% of Americans support building nuclear power plants; 27% are opposed; 24% are unsure;
  • 72% favor offshore drilling and 59% believe oil and gas exploration should take place off the coasts of New England and California, two areas President Obama declared were off-limits to oil and gas exploration.

The majority of U.S. voters continue to believe global warming is a serious problem, but the number who considers it very serious is at its lowest level in over a year.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows 53% of voters think global warming is at least a somewhat serious problem. Yet that number includes just 28% who say it is a very serious problem, down three points from last month and the lowest level measured since the beginning of 2009.

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