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Tea Party video of Rep. Hare’s comments on health care goes viral

April 4, 2010

If you were watching the O’Reilly Report Friday night on FOX News you saw a familar face acting out of character.

The normally mild-mannered 17th district Congressman Phil Hare got very animated  under questioning from  a member of the St. Louis Tea Party at a meeting last week in Quincy.     

By Saturday evening, this video had been viewed more than 207,000 times.

So, is the health care bill constitutional?  

Attorneys general from 15 states have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the mandate on individuals to purchase health care insurance under the new law.   A contributor to the Daily Caller blog sprang to Hare’s partial defense.

Everyone knows Rep. Phil Hare of Illinois stepped in it this week when he angrily intoned, “I don’t worry about the constitution,”  before adding that his real concern is for everyone who suffers and dies because of a lack of health insurance coverage. When pressed as to how the constitution justified the landmark legislation, Hare said flatly, “I don’t know.”

Putting aside some of Hare’s other missteps — like suggesting that the bill will insure every American, and insisting that he read the 8,,000+ page bill “three times” — it’s probably worth cutting Hare some slack on the second comment. Truth is, it’s difficult for even seasoned constitutional law experts to figure out whether the comprehensive legislation is constitutional.

As for Rep. Hare, he posted his own video on YouTube decrying “gotcha politics.”   So far, it has been viewed more than 43,000 times.


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