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AFBF calls attention to its legal advocacy effort

March 29, 2010

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s legal department has launched a new “Legal Affairs” section of AFBF’s Voice of Agriculture Web site.

The purpose of the new section is to give Farm Bureau members a better sense of the legal involvement of AFBF through its legal advocacy program.

The program works for beneficial changes in the law for agriculture through coordination among member state Farm Bureaus.

Our Managers to Washington group received a briefing on the program last October which included Farm Bureau’s criteria for deciding when to intervene in a case.  

Active cases include one in Florida where Farm Bureau, acting as an intervenor, is attempting to prevent the state from being forced to impose numeric nutrient standards.  Florida Wildlife Federation v. Johnson is a water quality case with significant implications for agriculture.

You’ll recall that another recent case, National Cotton Council v. Environmental Protection Agency, went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, with the high court deciding not to hear the case.  

A lower court ruled that spray nozzles are point sources and pesticide residues are pollutants under the Clean Water Act.   EPA is in the process for writing a NPDES permit for pesticides applied directly to water to control pests and/or applied to control pests that are present in, near, or over water.

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