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Sen. Murkowski plans to take Kerry-Boxer’s temperature

January 16, 2010

Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has a thermometer and she’s considering whether to take the temperature of the Senate’s climate change bill next week.

Murkowski knows that support among her colleagues for the Kerry-Boxer climate change bill isn’t particularly hot.   In fact, many senators are saying that the support for cap and trade isn’t there and that a climate change bill won’t be passed this year.  

Nothing like a cold winter, Copenhagen, Climate Gate, and health care to combine to produce a chilly breeze.

In addition to considering whether to call for a Senate test vote next week on Kerry-Boxer , Sen. Murkowski is also exploring the possibility of introducing a disapproval resolution that would stop the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing greenhouse gas regulations stemming from the “endangerment finding.”    In a speech last month on the Senate floor, Murkowski expressed concern over the threatened EPA regulation if Congress does not act on climate change.

This approach is often likened, rather starkly, to “putting a gun to Congress’ head.” Personally, I believe that’s a terrible way to pursue climate policy, and beyond that, a terrible way to govern this country. It’s difficult to grasp how or why Congress would feel compelled to enact economically-damaging legislation in order to stave off economically-damaging regulations. We’re being presented with a false choice that should be rejected outright. The majority and the administration are saying, “Don’t make us do this.” My answer is, simply, “You don’t have to.”

At the AFBF meeting in Seattle, we heard from Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute who punctured holes in what he calls a $7 billion dollar climate change industry.  

In this blog post, Horner delights in Sen. Murkowski’s legislative strategy and the surprising reaction of climate change legislation supporters.

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