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President Obama heading to Copenhagen for UN climate change meetings

November 27, 2009

Based on recent meetings with leaders of China and India, the White House announced that President Obama will be attending the upcoming Copenhagen meetings on climate change.

“The President believes it is possible to reach a meaningful agreement in Copenhagen,” the statement said.

The White House also announced that, in the context of an overall deal in Copenhagen that includes robust mitigation contributions from China and the other emerging economies, the President is prepared to put on the table a U.S. emissions reduction target in the range of 17% below 2005 levels in 2020 and ultimately in line with final U.S. energy and climate legislation.  In light of the President’s goal to reduce emissions 83% by 2050, the expected pathway set forth in this pending legislation would entail a 30% reduction below 2005 levels in 2025 and a 42% reduction below 2005 in 2030.  This provisional target is in line with current legislation in both chambers of Congress and demonstrates a significant contribution to a problem that the U.S. has neglected for too long. 

CNN covers “ClimateGate” release of troubling emails from climate change researchers

It took about a week, but CNN covered the release of hacked emails from climate change researchers that indicate they’re frustrated they are unable to explain lower temperatures over the past decade.  The emails also indicate a desire on the part of pro-global warming reseachers to keep skeptics from publishing papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.   

As you might imagine, FOX has had a field day with ClimateGate.    In this segment they ask the question: “Will ClimateGate kill Cap and Trade?”  

WaPo columnist tries his hand at climate change email damage control

Perhaps sensing the amount of attention ClimateGate is getting in the online world,  and concerned about how it’ll play in Copenhagen and in Congress, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson took a crack at damage control in his most recent column.   I enjoyed reading the comments.

Environmentalists say they could live with nuclear energy….hmm.

Interesting that the Washington Post featured another story with leaders of several environmental groups going on record in support of increased reliance on nuclear energy.

Steve Cochran, director of the National Climate Campaign at the Environmental Defense Fund — a group that opposed new nuclear plants in the United States as recently as 2005 — also described a new and evolving “pragmatic” approach coming from environmental camps. “I guess you could call it ‘grudging acceptance,’ ” he said.

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