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Climate Change: What we’re up against

November 17, 2009

The Wall Street Journal is firmly in our corner editorializing Monday that Copenhagen is a bust.

The environmental lobby is blaming Copenhagen’s pre-emptive collapse on the Senate’s failure to ram through a cap-and-trade scheme like the House did in June, arguing that “the world” won’t make commitments until the U.S. does. But there will always be one excuse or another, given that developing countries like China and India will never be masochistic enough to subject their economies to the West’s climate neuroses.

Of course, the pointlessness of Copenhagen will now become part of Mr. Obama’s argument that the Senate must inflict cap and tax on the U.S., as well as a justification for the EPA’s nondemocratic carbon crackdown via clean-air regulation. If he and we are lucky, however, the Senate will fail to act too, the EPA will get tied up in court, and the economy will recover faster without the looming burden of higher energy taxes.

If only everyone were on the same page as the WSJ on climate change, our job would be a lot easier.   Environmental Defense Fund is counting down the seconds to Copenhagen (2 weeks, 6 days, 21 hours, 12 minutes …)

On EDF’s website, you can watch a video showing you how to call your Senator and lobby in favor of climate action.   You can also tweet your Senators in favor of cap and trade.

On the Sierra Club action page, you can hold big polluters accountable and watch their YouTube video.

When you’re finished watching the video, Sierra Club encourages its visitors to click on a link and write EPA a letter in support of new regulations. 

The Union of Concerned Scientists aren’t really concerned as they probably should be about countering the dubious science in support of the global warming crisis.   Instead, they’re a whole lot more concerned on their website about showing visitors what they’ve done to advance the cause of climate change legislation.


Take a moment and visitor our friendly Legislative Action Center and write your Senator.   Ask them to oppose cap and trade.


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